Management Associate Program

About MAP

Management Associate Program (MAP) is designed to build FE CREDIT’s future leaders who will keep essential roles in supporting sustainable development of FE CREDIT.

We do believe that our future Management team must be nurtured and developed inside our organization. MAP is a chance for you to accumulate precious experiences at a leading financial company in Vietnam, where you not only find a job but also fulfill your career.


Joining MAP 2017, you will:
  • Have a chance to become a future leader of FE CREDIT.
  • Fill your career with a sense of purpose.
  • Receive early engagement and strong mentorship from our top leaders for your career path.
  • Challenge yourself by gaining diverse experience in an active, creative and professional business environment.
  • Experience intensive and challenging training from our professional development programs.
  • Have chance to work hands-on with different projects to make changes and create visible business impacts, earn attractive income along with well-deserved benefits.

Development roadmap

It will be a 30 month journey to walk you through tremendous experiences and help you achieve your full potential.


Qualifications that we are looking for:
  • Passionate about leadership
  • Fast-learner and highly innovative
  • Eager to learn and make things happen
  • Positive in thinking and action
  • Committed to be part of both your own development, as well as the organization’s development
  • Able to adapt to a professional organizational culture

Our departments

Let’s take a look at our departments and pick your choice wisely

  • Risk management division
    Risk management division
  • Marketing center
    Marketing center
  • Credit card business center
    Credit card business center
  • Business development center
    Business development center
  • Innovation center
    Innovation center
  • Hr management division
    Hr management division


  • Fresh Bachelor or Master graduate with max 3 years of work experience since graduation;
  • GPA ≥ 7.0/10 or 3.0/4.0; TOEIC ≥ 750; IELTS ≥ 6 or equivalent;
  • Strong business mindset & analytical ability with an ambition to be a leader;
  • Strong self-motivation, ownership, interpersonal & teamwork skills;

Selection process

To make the recruitment process an enjoyable experience, we have some tips for you:

How to apply



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Frequently-Asked Questions

1.How many associates are you looking for this year?

We do not have a fixed number; it will depend on quality of candidates of each year. Total number can be around 20 to 30 associates. For your preference, our 1st MAP batch got 22 qualified people on board.

2.What kinds of people are you looking for?

Our selection process is designed to assess your future potential in our business. We also focus on your motivation to work in financial industry.

3.I have graduated from social sciences/ technology major; would that affect my chance of becoming a Management Associate?

The possibilities are opened for all majors as long as you can demonstrate your enthusiasm and potential for the role.

4.I used to join MAP last season but did not succeed; can I continue to participate in this year’s program?

It is perfectly possible, if you are still matching with our selection requirements.

5.What areas can we apply for?

The program takes Management Associates for Risk Management Division; HR Management Division; Business Development Center; Marketing Center; Credit Card Business Center; Innovation Center.

6.Could I choose which area to work in?

Yes, you will decide your home function when submitting application. Please think carefully before picking up the role (you may aware about your strengths, weaknesses, passion as well as your career goals). Through our selection process, we will also support you in identifying the most suitable role.

7.What is duration for the program?

We will develop you during 30 months to build you up and direct you to management roles at FE CREDIT if you are qualified

8.When will an associate become an official staff? Do we get paid during the program?

As a Management Associate, you are an employee of the company. You will be offered an attractive package which includes a competitive base salary, plus well deserved benefits.

9.How do I find out more about the program?

If you have any other question, please email to or call our hotline [090 552 3972], we will be happy to provide more information.

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