FE CREDIT is delighted to announce the launch of Supplementary Credit Cards to help customers share FE CREDIT Card’s benefits to their relatives and friends.

Supplementary Card is the card that Primary Cardholders register to issue for others. With this product, Supplementary Cardholders will receive all benefits and offers from FE CREDIT just like the Primary Cardholders, for instance:

  • Easy cash withdrawal at most of ATM locations with very low fee: 1.5%
  • Purchase first – pay later and enjoy offers with free interest rate up to 45 days and many special promotions all around year when shopping at MasterCard’s and at FE CREDIT’s partners’ locations

It is very simple to register for a Supplementary Card as The Cardholders aren’t required to provide proof of relationship or income.

4 simple steps to get a Supplementary Card:

  1. Download and fill in the application form here
  2. Both of the Primary Cardholder and Supplementary Cardholder sign the application form
  3. Scan the signed application form and Supplementary Cardholders’ ID card then send to email with subject “Sup CRC – Supplementary Cardholders’ ID”
  4. Submit the original application from and the authorized copy of the ID card of Supplementary Cardholders to FE CREDIT’s deliveryman when receiving the card.

Terms and conditions:

  • Primary Cardholder reserves the right to decide who will hold their Supplementary Card
  • Primary Cardholder reserves the right to control the transactions made by Supplementary Card
  • 9 Supplementary Cards is the maximum can be issued under one Primary Card
  • Supplementary Cardholders must be 18 or older
  • Monthly statement will show all transactions made by two kinds of card
  • Primary Cardholder shall be liable for all transactions, fees and charges incurred using the Supplementary Cards (All transactions made by Supplementary Cards will be shown on the same Monthly Statement sent to Primary Cardholders)

With the simple conditions and registration procedures, Supplementary Cardholders can easily withdraw cash directly from their cards or use the cards to pay for goods and services in advance whenever they need.


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Congratulations! You are among selected few customers eligible for VND 100,000 worth of Got it E-Voucher from FE CREDIT!

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