Protect yourself and your loved ones.

FE Credit Shield Insurance protects you and your family in case of any unforeseen events. In case such a situation occurs:

  • The insurance company will take care of your outstanding balance on FE Credit Card.
  • The remaining amount up to your credit limit will be paid to you or your family members.
  • In case there is no outstanding amount on credit card, you or your family will receive the full sum insured.

Pay only 4.3% of your credit limit/ year and get a cover equal to your FE Credit Card Limit. What´s more, your premium is converted into 12 months installments with 0% interest.

Credit Shield protects all FE Credit cardholders aged 20-65.

Insurance period: 1 year from the date of enrollment.

Compensation amount: Your credit limit


  • 0.36% x credit limit (1 month)
  • 0.01% x credit limit (1 day)

Example: Your credit limit is 20.000.000vnd (your premium should be 860.000 VND). You will pay:

  • 1 month: 0.36% 20.000.000 = 71.666vnd
  • 1 day: 0.01% x 20.000.000 = 2.365vnd

Your monthly installment will be shown on your monthly statement

Free Cancellation:  You will get 100% reversal of your premium if you cancel within 30 days of enrollment.  


Want to claim your insurance?

*Terms & Conditions apply. Click here

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